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"Problem Solving & Obedience As A Way of Life"
A most simple, effective way to raise a problem free dog!
We strive for a stress and problem free environment for you and your dog.

"You needs to goes to Mr. O's"

One Day Comprehensive Program

Mr. O's programs are for all breeds, from Porkies to Great Danes and ages 12 weeks to 12 years. Mr. O designed this program so it not only trains the dog, but will also deal with any behavioral or personality problems as well. This is a positive reinforcement program done with a choke collar and a leash. This program will completely train your dog in one day!  Your dog will learn:


Walk on a loose leash


Sit stays on and off leash


Down stays on and off leash


Come command


How to respond to the word NO appropriately

You simply drop your dog off in the morning and pick up your trained dog that evening. It will take forty-five minutes to show you how to work with your dog and it is guaranteed that your dog will do all the commands for you before you leave. An instructional video of your dog's training will be available.

The One Day Comprehensive Training Program is truly a miraculous training program.  The agenda of the one day program is as follows, however there will be variations to deal with each dog’s individual issues or problems.


First Mr. O will use his wonderful communication skills to gain a rapport with the dog and to evaluate his/her personality and behavior problems.


Next Mr. O will do some obedience training and use his God given gift to start the healing process with your dog’s personality and behaviors.  Mr. O may only work obedience with your dog for 5 minutes out of every hour or 30 minutes out of every hour.  It is not the amount of training time that matters; it’s what is achieved during the time of training that makes the difference.


When your dog is not participating in an obedience session he/she may be playing with a toy or interacting with Mr. O’s personal dogs, Grace and Thunder, or just hanging out.  The key is no matter what your dog is doing; he/she will be understanding and enjoying the beginning stages of their new and greatly improved life while doing it.

The magic of Mr. O’s One Day Program is every 15 minutes your dog is with Mr. O the healing process is making him/her better.  Here are some examples:


If your dog is overactive or hyperactive, every 15 minutes your dog will become calmer.  The calmer your dog becomes the more focused he/she will become as well. 


If your dog is timid or submissive, your dog will become more confident every 15 minutes.  The more confident he/she becomes the more they will be able to concentrate and feel better about themselves and their environment.

(To learn more about the different personalities and behaviors that the One Day Training Program can fix, please refer to the Philosophies of Training Page on the website.) For the final phase of your dog’s training during the One Day Program, your dog will be taken to a local shopping plaza to learn how to interact appropriately with strangers and things that go on in that type of environment.  For the first time in your dog’s life he/she will not be showing signs of being intimidated, afraid, unsocialized, or aggressive in this type of environment.  The amount of time your dog will spend at the plaza will depend on your dog’s individual issues.  It could range from 45 minutes to 2 hours.  Your dog will then return to Mr. O’s Training Center where he/she will be able to relax and just hang out for 30 minutes and then it will be time for the 45 minute owner’s session. This is when you will think that Mr. O switched your dog with another dog that looked like yours.  This is because you will not be able to believe the miraculous change in your dog’s behavior and this wonderful change will stay with your dog for the rest of his/her life!

In Honor of our Dedicated Veterinarians

Mr. O’s The Dog Training Place is promoting the importance of regular veterinary exams.  Not only can your vet keep your pet healthy an exam can also monitor and evaluate canine behavioral problems.  We know through our experience and knowledge that some dogs develop behavioral problems due to a change in their physical health.  We also want to make awareness to dental exams, dog’s teeth are extremely important.  For the purpose of making your next vet visit a enjoying instead of an enduring experience for you, your vet, and especially your dog.Mr. O is offering a free 45 minute seminar at your local vet’s office to show you how to control and eliminate your dog’s unacceptable behavior when you visit your vet.This will be a hands on seminar, showing you how to handle your own dog.  To sign up for this free seminar check out your local Pittsburgh and surrounding area Veterinarian Office for more info and dates.

3 Hour Comprehensive Training Class

Develop a positive relationship with your dog by understanding and exercising the 3 most important principles of training your dog.

*      Communication         *      Respectability *      Willingness to please attitude

  1. Communication:  By knowing what type of personality your dog has, you will be able to communicate appropriately with your dog.  This will ensure that when you direct, praise and reprimand your dog it will be done in perfect timing.  This is important so you can buildup and encourage your dog to understand exactly what you want him/her to do and why. Respectability:  Having your dog understand what is expected of him/her will enable you dog to know what the right and wrong thing to do.  This will create a respectable attitude instead of a manipulative one.
  2. Willingness to Please Attitude:  Your dog will understand the consequence of doing the wrong thing instead of the right thing to do to please you.  He will feel contentment by making you happy.  To a dog contentment means happiness.  But it goes way beyond the temporary and shallow sense of happiness your dog would get from a cookie; because once your dog eats the cookie the happiness is gone.  Contentment will create a sense of fulfillment in your dog that will enhance your rapport and create a sense of purpose in your dog.  This will allow your dog to be a part of your life not a pain in your life!

This is a 3 hour training class.  Limited to 3 dogs.  Dogs must bring their owners in order to participate.  Any dogs’ owner caught with having any type of dog treat will be tied up and kept outside for the remainder of the 3 hour program.  So dogs don’t let your owners bring any dog treats.  This seminar will be taught through a positive reinforcement program, achieved by a choke collar and a 6 foot leash.  This program will change your dog’s attitude from not wanting to please you to, can’t please you enough.  With this change your dog’s work will become its reward.  This program is designed to show you how to GAIN AND MAINTAIN your dog’s respectability.  Your dog will learn how to respond to the word “no” appropriately, which will allow you to stop any of your dog’s behavior problems.  This seminar will also cover the following obedience commands:

*      Walking on a loose lead, while staying at your left side *      Heel Command *      Sit Stays *      Will respond to the word "No" appropriately

Your dog will follow these commands at the end of one 3 hour class!

Classes will be held every Saturday, weekday availability depends on requests.  Please call for pricing for this seminar.  A choke collar and a 6 foot leather leash will be available for purchase at the end of the class. A video of the seminar will be available for $25.00.  The video will include you and your dog’s training. Refreshments will be provided.  Come and enjoy the miraculous experience with your dog.  It will truly be a LIFE CHANGING DAY for you and your dog.  

Training is achieved by the Miraculous Grace of God.To learn more about how Mr. O is capable of making such a miraculous change in your dog and to find out which personality your dog has click on Training Philosophy at the top of the page.This is an overview of the behavior modification seminar to point out all the reasons why this program in only 3 hours will do more for you and your dog than any 8 or 10 week obedience class could ever do. 

  1. Mr. O will be working with each dog and its owner individually throughout the class.Mr. O will not only tell you what kind of personality your dog has but he will show you how to communicate and have your dog respond to you in such a way that you will be amazed at the rapport and respectability that you will see developing during the 3 hour program.  The reason it is so important to know your dog’s personality is that dogs with certain kinds of personalities are not capable of having or even developing an attention span.  A dog’s intelligence is determined by its attention span and he/she cannot learn until it is developed.  Normal obedience classes take 8-10 weeks to develop an attention span in your dog.  Mr. O will show you how to communicate with your dog in such a way that you will be able to create an attention span within your dog in this 3 hour period!You will not only know your own dog’s personality, but you will have the opportunity to observe how the other dog owners are learning how to interact with their dogs.  Their dogs may have a different personality than your dog or have different characteristics of the same personality that your dog may have.There is a video tape available of the entire 3 hour class.  Your tape will include Mr. O working with you and your dog so you may review all of the instructions taught to you and your dog.  Plus, you will have information about the other dog’s personalities, which you could use for a reference with another dog.  You will be able to walk your dog with two different methods:
    1. Walk on a loose lead.  This is a casual way to walk your dog; he or she will stay to your left side.  Your dog will be able to walk in front of you if you allow them, but will not pull you.
    2. Walk in a heel command.  This is a more serious walk.  Your dog will still be on your side, but will walk next to your left leg and have to be more focused.
  2. Your dog will know how to do Sit Stays.Your dog will actually respond to his name and respond to the word “no” appropriately.  This will allow you to correct your dog for any behavior problem or any bad habits that your dog may have plus prevent your dog from developing any new behavior problems.  This will also enable you to maintain the rapport and respectability level that you achieved with your dog in the seminar program for the rest of your dog’s life!There will be a 1 hour in home training consultation certificate available for purchase the day of your seminar.  It will be valid for 3 months after the program.You will create a willing to please rapport in your dog.  This means that your dog will want to do the right thing, and your dog’s work and your praise will be his or her reward.  This also means you will save a fortune on dog treats!
  3. You will see such amazing results at the conclusion of this seminar you will think that Mr. O switched your dog with another dog.  You will say I can’t believe this is my dog at least once during this program!

Protection Training

Mr. O's Protection Training Philosophy is... control the aggression so that the aggression does not control the dog. We believe that different families have different situations and requirements. We will evaluate your situation and your dog. After proper assessment we can give you and your dog the level of training that is suitable for your family. For example, if all you want is your dog to alert you when someone is at the door, then you wouldn't want a dog that is going to knock the door down. Any member of your family will be able to put your dog on and release him or her from a protection command. When your dog is not on a protection command, he or she will be their docile, affectionate, loving, etc. self. We can protection train your dog in our seven day program or private lessons are available.

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Note: References are available upon request.

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Training is achieved through the miraculous grace of God.

God bless you and your dog too.

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