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Here are some more testimonials from clients that had their dog trained with Mr. O’s One Day Comprehensive Training Program. 

Mr. O has successfully trained hundreds of dogs with his One Day Program and has literally saved many dogs’ lives with his program.  So we have lots and lots of testimonials that we will continually post on this page.  If you would like to contact any of these clients please call for their contact information.

Hi everyone, 

I am sending this to everyone who received my initial email "HELP!" in search of the dog trainer Wolf Spirit(Barrie Tierney.)  Despite a very involved search, and a wild goose chase to Frederick, we were unable to locate him, however, with the help of Judi and Barbara, I found the "Pittsburgh Dog Whisperer," Joe Orsino, who has Mr. O's, the Dog Training Place, in Lower Burrell, PA.  He is a miracle worker!

In case you know someone who is desperate for help, this is the guy.  Lady Jane, to refresh memory, had a major problem with aggressive behavior toward smaller animals, a very dangerous situation here, because we have 3 cats, squirrels, birds, and small dogs visiting, etc.

We went up on Sunday, I dropped her off on Monday morning at 10, and she was fully trained by 5 THAT DAY!  I went for instruction at 6(IN A SNOWSTORM)and we spent about an hour on my training.  Both of us "old dogs" learned new tricks!  

We then went outside in the snowstorm so that Joe could show me how Lady would go to the bathroom on command.  Previously, she would not go potty without a long walk, marking everything along the way!  This, of course, made it very difficult in winter weather. He had her on a 6-foot lead, so she had a six-foot radius around him.  When he said, "Go to the bathroom," she squatted immediately! I have continued this, and it works every time! 

Joe had worked Lady Jane with his little Shih Tzu, Tiger Lily, that day, and he instructed me to immediately expose her to the cats upon arrival home.  She was perfect, and continues to be so, even on our walks when meeting smaller dogs.  Before the training she would lunge, bark, snarl, and was out of control, not to mention scaring the little dogs out of their wits! She is a little doll now, has done a complete turnaround, waiting at my side on command for the little ones to come and greet her. 

The training is expensive----$700.00+meals and lodging, so a little over  $1000.00 for the day, but it is well worth it, and, as I said, simply miraculous, so if you know anyone who needs a miracle, I highly recommend Joe Orsino.  His website is   If you check out his website, be sure to click on events for some darling photos. 

Judi, will you please forward this to Barbara?  I don't have her email address.


Boxer – 3 years old - Hyperactive and Territorial

My name is Laura Kussew, my dog’s name is Strongheart. He is an 80# Boxer. I rescued him from a shelter 2 years ago. He was very bad, jumped on everyone and was extremely hyper all the time. I couldn’t walk him on a leash he would always pull me down. Plus, he would pee on everything. I was ready to take him back to the shelter. I ended up taking him to Petco for 7 weeks. It was a total failure and he actually got worse. I took him to Mr. O, who trained him in one day. I couldn’t believe the change in his behavior. It was the first time I had ever seen him calm. I now take him everywhere with me, he walks beautifully on the leash. It took Mr. O longer to train my husband than it did for him to train my dog. Now my husband and I can truly love our dog and he is the most important part of our lives. Mr. O is a miracle worker!

Laura Kussew


Boxer – 1 year old – Timid and separation anxiety

Our dog’s name is Lacey.  We adopted from Oakland County Michigan Shelter. 
She was 8 months old.  Lacey was very timid and had severe separation anxiety problems.  She wouldn’t listen to anything and was impossible to housetrain.  We were very afraid she was going to bite our 2 year old daughter out of fear.  She was becoming very possessive of my wife, Kim.  She would growl at people when she would become afraid.  She was afraid of everything.  We took her to numerous trainers, no one was able to help her behavior.  We love Lacey very much and couldn’t stand the fact that we would have to take her back to the shelter.  Then we talked to a friend of ours from Pittsburgh, who told us Mr. O trained his dog, who was very afraid also.  The training made him a different dog.   Mr. O trained Lacey in his one day program, the difference in Lacey is truly amazing.  Her separation anxiety is almost gone.  She is no longer afraid on everything.  Most importantly we don’t have to worry about her biting our daughter any more. Mr. O you are a true Saint, the trip from Michigan was well worth it!

John and Kimberly Kirkland
Clarkston, MI

Two Dogs Trained – Pitbulls – 2 & 3 years old -  Dog Aggression & Fear Biters

I had two dogs trained by Mr. O, Rocko, a 3 year old Pitbull.  He had people and dog aggression issues.  We had him since he was 8 weeks old.  Adriene, a 2 year old Pitbull, we adopted him from a shelter at 4 months old.  Rocko was very hyper, he tried to bite everyone that came to our house.  We couldn’t walk him on the leash, every time he saw another dog her would try to attack it.  Adriene, was very afraid of people and everything else.  We couldn’t have anybody over at our house, because everyone was afraid of our dogs.  I always wanted to take the dogs to work with me, at my gym.  But , I couldn’t even think about doing that.  I brought my dogs to Mr. O because I talked to several of him clients that had similar problems, that Mr. O fixed.  Now I have friends that can come to my house and my dreams of taking my dogs to work with me is now a reality. 

Erika Klesh
Natrona Heights, PA
(Excaliber Gym)

Lab – 5 months – Hyperactive

My dog’s name is Jamie.  I bought this dog for my 5 year old articulate son for companionship.  But, Jamie was so very hyper and out of control; she would keep jumping and chewing on my son.  I took her to 8 weeks of puppy classes, that didn’t do anything at all for her behavior.  I was very frustrated and thought I would have to give the puppy back.  I heard about Mr. O from people in my church.  Mr. O trained my puppy in one day and now Jamie and my son are best friends.  My son can walk to puppy everywhere, it was a miracle.

Robert Hutchinson
Sounds of Praise Ministry
Vandergrift, PA

Australian Shepherd mix – Unsocialized and Aggressive Behavior

My dog’s name is Barney, a 1 ½ year old Aust. Shepherd mix. We rescued Barney when he was 2 months old. He would constantly nip at clothing and your hands. He would growl and bark excessively at people when we would walk him. He would become very hyper and aggressive when we would try to correct his behavior. There was only a few times during the day that he would be calm. We had very little peace in the house. It was hard and exhausting. We tried all types of training, but nothing would work. We read the testimonials about Mr. O’s training and he was our last resort. Now, that Mr. O trained Barney he is now calm and relaxed. We learned how to interact productively and in a healthy way with our dog. He is a happier and less stressful dog. He is truly a joy to be around.

Linda Kephart
Pittsburgh, PA

American Bull Masstiff – 6 months old - Dog Aggression & Very Manipulative

Our dog’s name is Kyzar. He was dominating and fighting terribly with our other dog everyday. We could not control Kyzar outside or on walks. She was very manipulating with us. We were considering getting rid or Kyzer as her behavior was out of control. At times I cried out of frustration. We took her to Petsmart, but they were clearly not use to working with a large breed puppy and I got no help with her dominating behavior. I saw Mr. O’s ad and after visiting his website, I knew he was the one for us. She came home like a different dog. She no longer dominants our Boxer, does excellent on walks, and is a pleasure to have. We now have a peaceful home. We take Kyzer everywhere, she is happier and no longer fights with our other dog.

Daniele Korotko


German Shepherd – 1 ½ year old – Fear Biter

Duke is a German Shepherd, he was adopted from the ASPCA in York , PA. He was very mouthy and uncontrollable around other dogs. We were afraid to take him around other dogs and people. We tried to use an E-collar training, but it just made his behavior worse. We took him to Petsmart for 11 months of training. He ended up biting someone at Petsmart. We were terrified that he was going to bite someone very badly. My family heard about Mr. O from some of their friends. Mr. O trained Duke is his one day program. Duke now listens and understands the word no. I can walk him without worrying, people can now pet him and other dogs can approach him. Mr. O thank you so very much!

Holly Henderson
Harrisburg, PA

Lab/German Shorthair Pointer mix – 8 months old – Very Hyper and Controlling

Our dog’s name is Harley, a Chocolate Lab/ German Shorthair Pointer Mix. We adopted him from German Shorthair Rescue in WV. There were several behavioral problems, constantly licking and jumping on people. He had no attention span what so ever and was always trying to manipulate. My fiancé and I were constantly frustrated from this behavior. Walking Harley on a leash was impossible. My finance was constantly telling me to get rid of the dog. We spoke to other obedience trainers at local pet stores and another private trainer, but didn’t think they had the knowledge to work with our dog. We met Mr. O at the Home Show in Pittsburgh; we were extremely impressed by his knowledge of dogs. Mr. O solved all of the behavioral problems that we were encountering. Harley is no longer hyper, walks very well on the leash, pays strict attention to the commands he is given, comes on command, and he enjoys playing with the neighbors dogs. My fiancé and Harley are now best friends. The video I purchased from Mr. O helps reinforce that training provided by Mr. O. We are no longer frustrated by Harley’s behavior; he is such a trained dog. All of our neighbors are very impressed by Harley’s training.

Leonard Podowski
Murrysville, PA

Bogie- 1 year old Papa-poo

Bogie was given to us at 7 months old; after we had him for a month we understood why the owner would give away such a cute and very expensive dog.  Bogie had an extremely aggressive attitude.  Especially around his crate or toys.  He would bite neighbor kids if they took or even touched any of his toys.  We had to keep him away from people especially kids.  We would smack him when he would be aggressive, but these measures just made the experience worse.  We knew Bogie had a good side and we had to find it.

We took him to numerous obedience classes, but it didn’t help his aggressive attitude when we called Mr. O we were very desperate because we knew that if we couldn’t fix him we would have to think about putting him down.

When we picked Bogie up at the end of the day’s training, there was an amazing difference in Bogie.  Mr. O showed us how to work with him and the most important thing was he explained to us how to read and understand Bogie.  Bogie would still try to use his scare tactics once in awhile, but now we could stop his behavior in a second thanks to Mr. O.  He really did save Bogie’s life.

Mary Jean

Grammy – 6 ½ year old German Shepherd Dog

I am Grammy’s second owner.  Her first owner locked her in a cage for almost a year.  He gave her to me; he said he didn’t have time for her.  Being locked up for so long left her with many issues.

She became very un-socialized; she didn’t even know how to act outside of the cage.  She was totally out of control, extremely dog aggressive, very possessive of toys, treats, food, and me.  She was impossible to walk on a leash.

I have a dog sitting business out of my home, so Grammy has caused me lots of grief and money because she has attacked some of the dogs that I dog sit.  I had to pay vet bills and I have lost business because of it.

I called lots of training places to get help, but they said there wasn’t very much that they could do about her dog aggression problem.  Then I found Mr. O, he said he could guarantee results for her dog aggression.  I liked the idea of having her trained in one day because I needed help fast.  I loved this dog the first time I saw her and I didn’t want to lose her.  But it was either lose her or my business.

Thanks to Mr. O Grammy is doing excellent and I was able to keep my business.  I truly believe God sent Mr. O to me.

Donna Costanzo

Chica -  1 ½ year old Chihuahua

We purchased Chica at Petland at 10 weeks of age.  Chica was very hyperactive with absolutely no attention span, and no manners.  Chica made our whole family frustrated.  She was continually jumping all over us, my husband, our two girls and myself.  She wouldn’t listen to anything and when we called her she would run in the other direction.  She would not stop barking.

We tried lots of different training programs, but she seemed impossible to train.  We had no clue what we were going to do with her.  Mr. O was highly recommended by an employee of my husband, whom had a dog trained by Mr. O. 

We noticed a 100% turn around with Chica after she went to Mr. O’s.  She was so much calmer.  Mr. O showed us how to work and communicate with Chica.  Without Mr. O’s help Chica most definitely would not have lasted in our household. 

Cindy and Michael Tedesco

Minx – 3 year old Siberian Husky

We acquired Minx through a breeder.  Our problems with her were she was extremely hyper and would continually jump on people.  She was impossible to walk on a leash.  People did not want to come to our house because of her behavior. 

We tried the clicker method, but it didn’t do anything for Minx whatsoever.  We were giving up hope for her.  Then some of our friends told us about Mr. O and how he did wonders for their dogs. 

So, Minx went to Mr. O and now she is so tremendously calm, it’s like she is a different dog.  She is a pleasure to walk on a leash.  Thanks to Mr. O, Minx is now the perfect pet!

Daniele Vokes

Maggie Mae - 4 year old Golden Retriever mix

We adopted Maggie from the Animal Rescue League of Western PA when she was about 6 months old. They told us although she appeared very calm she was in fact very active. They recommended Mr. O's training program saying he had done a wonderful job with a number of the other dogs.

We had no idea just how active she was. She knew very few basic commands and wouldn't listen to them anyhow. We contacted Mr. O and set up an appointment. Although we were skeptical of a one day training he offered us a guarantee he could get her to settle down and follow commands. When we picked her up we thought he had switched our dog. She was well behaved, calm, and listened to her commands.

She did such a good job Mr. O asked if he could use her to represent Mr. O's and the Animal Rescue League at the Westmoreland County Fair. We said yes. He took her and worked with her to learn to wear costumes and be less frightened of people. He said she did a great job at the fair and she has been doing great since then! You can see her Website at Maggie and Friends.

Gordon and Stacey Isherwood

Daisy – 1 year old Newfoundland


Daisy was purchased from a breeder at 8 weeks of age.  Although I have successfully trained a lot of dogs, I couldn’t even remotely get anywhere with Daisy.  She was so wild, always jumping on us and chewing our hands, and tackling us.  She wouldn’t come to us no matter what we did.  We couldn’t have people over to our house because of her unruly behavior.  She acted like she had ADD!

I’ve tried a lot of different methods of training and discipline with Daisy but nothing worked, I was becoming extremely frustrated with the whole situation.  I heard about Mr. O and liked what I read about his one day program.  Daisy definitely needed the psychological part of Mr. O’s program.

Now Daisy has a wanting to please personality.  She is much more calm.  I’m now able to take her places that I always wanted to take her, like the Farmer’s Market.  I don’t have to ever worry about her being out of control or not listening, even around strangers.  Our whole household is so much calmer and happier now.  Mr. O was a miracle worker!

Mary Ann Portman M.D.

Fox Chapel, PA  

Levi – 3-year-old German Shepherd Dog

(Extreme Dog Aggression)

Levi was purchased from a breeder when he was 8 weeks old.  Levi developed an extreme aggression towards other dogs.  I couldn’t control him when we walked or when he would see another dog.  Levi had a great personality and loved people, but whenever he would see another dog he would turn into Cujo! 

I felt helpless that I couldn’t control him and thought I would never be able to take him anywhere.  I had Levi to another trainer for almost a year and his techniques just weren’t working.  I heard about Mr. O and after researching his extensive animal background I felt confident he could help me. 

I was so right about Mr. O being able to help me.  After Mr. O’s One Day Program I was able to control Levi no matter what dog we would encounter.  What I was really impressed with was that Levi could now see dogs without getting out of control and we could walk by other dogs and he would actually ignore the dogs.  There would be times when the other dogs might do something to provoke Levi and if Levi would start to get out of control I could correct him and he would immediately be back under control. 

I feel so much more confident that I can take him anywhere and know that he will listen and respond to me.  I just want to thank Mr. O so much for helping me.

Deane Gaydos

New Kensington, PA

Mandy – eight month old Labrador Retriever

(Hyperactive and unruly behavior)

I’ve purchased Mandy as an 8-week-old puppy with the intensions of having her be a pet, but also for her to be able to perform some support dog duties for my companion who has MS.  We especially wanted Mandy to be able to balance my companion when she would be walking.  But Mandy became so hyper and out of control that she would jump on her or pull her to the ground.  We were so afraid that Mandy was unintentionally going to cause bodily injury.  We tried to discipline her with all types of methods that other trainers would tell us, but nothing was working.  We were afraid that we would have to give her up which was heart breaking because my companion loved Mandy and felt so bad that she wasn’t able to control her.

My sister-in-law had her dog trained by Mr. O and we were very impressed with those results.  We called Mr. O knowing that if he couldn’t help Mandy we would have to find Mandy another home.  After Mr. O’s One Day Program, Mandy and my companion Lynn are almost inseparable.  Mandy is so much more calm now.  It seems that Mandy has such an ability to understand that it’s almost like Lynn and Mandy can read each other’s mind. 

Thanks to Mr. O’s Mandy has a home and Lynn has a companion dog!

George Gregory

Lower Burrell, PA

Josie – 3 years old English Springer Spaniel Mix and Lucy – 5 years old Basset-Dachshund Mix

(Extremely submissive 2 dogs food oriented method that failed)

Josie’s issues – She was extremely submissive, afraid of everything, jumping on people continually when people were sitting on chair or couch, extreme barking, couldn’t walk on leash because of her fear of everything.

Lucy’s issues – She was almost identical to Josie.  She was extremely submissive, excessive barking and whining at strangers and people who visited us.   We could not get her to stop barking.

We could not have people visit us.  It was impossible for us to relax at home because of our dogs continually bothering us.  The dogs were out of control.

We tried everything – water bottle, yelling.   We tried food oriented obedience program.   That was a total waste of time.  We were at our wits end.

We decided to use Mr. O because we saw how well his program rehabilitated Megan’s brother’s dog.  Mr. O’s program built up our dogs’ confidence so that they were no longer afraid of things which made them a lot calmer and they no longer barked out of fear.  They also learned that when we tell them no that they have to listen and will stop any behavior they are doing.

Mr. O’s program has made a huge impact on ours and our dogs’ lives.  We can now relax and are able to enjoy our dogs.  The dogs now are very friendly and calm with any company that comes to our house.  Now they listen to us and they just do.

Thank you so very much Mr. O.

Megan & Peter Farkasovsky

Brittany - 10 month old Golden Retriever

(Hyperactivity – Continually jumping)

My dog’s name is Brittany.  She is 10 months old.  We are from New Florence, PA.  Mr. O trained Brittany when she was 8 months old.

Brittany would not or could not stop jumping on people.  She would not stop pulling on the leash when we walked her.

We were becoming extremely frustrated.  We tried all kinds of methods from other trainers but nothing was working.

She is a large dog and we were afraid she would accidentally hurt someone.  We had to keep her in her cage when company came.  This was very disappointing because we have lots of friends come to visit so Brittany ended up in her cage a lot.

I had used Mr. O with another dot that I owned and that was extremely out of control that Mr. O did wonders with so we knew he could fix Brittany’s problems.

She now obeys all of her commands and she is really calm and focused.  We can no have people over and not worry about her jumping.  It is great to have our friends be able to enjoy her.

Thank you so very much Mr. O.

Brian & Jodi Kosczull

Thor – 1 year old Pug Chihuahua Mix

(Extremely hyperactive)

Thor was extremely hyper and would not calm down ever.  He was always jumping on everyone and everything.  He never listened to discipline.

I was always fed up with trying to control him and embarrassed to have people over to the house because of his behavior.

I tried spraying him with water, hitting his nose, holding him down and locking him in a room.  Nothing worked.

I heard Mr. O’s program really worked and was guaranteed to make them calm down. 

Now he is so well behaved.  He doesn’t jump up and he listens when I correct him.  He is like a new dog.  I enjoy my time with him now.  I am out any more.  I can share him with my friends.  Now Thor is happy to please us. 

I thank Mr. O for saving my dog’s life.

Jennifer Rometo

Bella - 2 ½ year old Collie

(Shy – unsocialized – rough)

Bella is a 2 ½ year old Collie.  We acquired her from a breeder in Monroeville, PA.  We had her 2 years.

Bella would be so out of control around people, would not come and ate food off table.

We were continually chasing her around the house and yard to discipline her.  We had to put her on a leash when people came.

We took her to Pet Smart obedience training, but it was useless.

We saw Mr. O’s on TV and thought he sounded good.

Now Bella is so well behaved.  She doesn’t bark, sits, stays, comes when called and is now so well mannered when company comes.  We no longer have to yell at Bella.  She is so affectionate.  We enjoy her so much more now.

Mr. O you are a miracle worker.

Vicki Rosenberger

Lily was 5 months old

(Out of control puppy – Extremely manipulative behavior)

Lily was 5 months old when I got her.  I had her 3 months.

Lily was always biting me and making me miserable.  I didn’t understand it because I loved her so much, but I could not touch her or enjoy her.  She would always bite me.  I really thought I would have to give her up.

She wouldn’t listen to any discipline.  I couldn’t even do anything with her on a leash.  I could never have anyone visit me.  It seemed I was scolding her all the time.

I decided to try Mr. O because I saw the results of his training with another dog that was out of control.

Now she is so much better.  I can enjoy her by being able to pet her or do anything with her without her biting me or making me miserable.  She is such a pleasure to be around.  I can walk her or do anything with her now.  She can be a playful puppy when I want her to be.  Now she respects me no matter what or when I tell her something.  Now we have a wonderful rapport.

Thanks Mr. O for allowing me to keep my wonderful puppy, Lily.

Susie George


Training is achieved through the miraculous grace of God. God bless you and your dog too.

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