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We strive for a stress and problem free environment for you and your dog.

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The following is an excerpt from the very beginning of the "Housebreaking" chapter. There is much more information and many, very useful, tips that will help make housebreaking your puppy very easy.

"Let us talk about how we’ll use his den to housebreak him while always remembering he is a den animal. His ancestors lived in dens. It provides a stress free environment for young pups. A few weeks before the anticipated arrival of the new litter, the pregnant female starts digging the den. From birth to the time the puppies are weaned the mother stimulates waste elimination by licking them and ingesting the waste insuring the den will stay clean and tidy. Some bitches make better mothers than others. It's safe to assume, if the mother did her job and the owners of the litter do theirs by keeping the whelping box clean, the pups should be fairly easy to housebreak. The pups soon begin to hear and see and learn. Slowly, but surely, the pups become curious and start to explore. Only under the watchful eyes of their mother do they leave the den. At about twelve weeks of age the pups are moved to a rendezvous site where all of the family members meet. When the pack is out hunting, the pups are kept back with a guardian to keep a watchful eye to protect and teach them.

"The important words and phrases in the above paragraph are den, pack, rendezvous site, and watchful eye of mother or guardian. If we wish to communicate with a dog we must do it on his level of intelligence. This is what he understands.

"Now, let us housebreak your dog using his den (crate). You’ll need a rendezvous site (kitchen) where the pack (family) meets most often, with the pup being out of his den only when a pack member can keep a watchful eye to educate him (catch him in the act of urinating so he can be shown immediately what's expected of him). That means if you’re the only one home and you have to leave the kitchen, you either take him with you or put him in his den, even if you’re going to be gone for only five minutes. That’s all the time it takes for him to urinate. You then you missed a great opportunity to show him what is expected of him because you didn't catch him in the act. You must catch him in the act. I know this may be hard to comprehend, so please just trust me on this, Dogs have no past or future. They live only in the present. So, regardless if whether you take him up to where he eliminated and point at it or rub his nose in it and say "Bad dog!" he has no idea what you are talking about. When I boarded dogs for two weeks at a time, provided the owners did not leave anything with their scent on it, those dogs couldn't think of their owners if they tried. When they next smelled them or heard them they would get recall and only then would they remember their owners. When we shut our eyes and think of our mother or father, we can actually get a mental picture of them. Dogs cannot recall past images. Dogs are not capable of that kind of thought process. People always tell me, "He knows what I mean because every time I say 'Bad dog!' his ears go back and his tail goes between his legs." What that dog does know for sure is that every time you say those words in that tone he has an unpleasant experience but he doesn't know why."

The information in the housebreaking chapter has been tried and tested for almost twenty years. For a nominal fee of $25.00 (twenty-five dollars) I will e-mail that particular chapter in Microsoft Word format. It covers absolutely everything you need to know from diets and feeding schedules to teaching you how to correct him when you catch him starting to squat in the house. You will learn all the minute details in one day that took me years to learn. These are the small details that most people overlook; details that mean the difference between immediate success or long time failure.

I guarantee, after just a few days, your dog will know why he is going outside and will accommodate you within minutes. Gone are the days of taking him out and playing the waiting game and hoping he relieves himself.

Did you know that certain foods cause your dog to eliminate twice as much making housebreaking twice as hard? Did you know that submissive urination, when mistaken for an "accident," can cause irreparable damage? Did you know that dogs do not have the capacity to be spiteful? They are incapable of such an act. I often hear, "My dog is being spiteful. He gets mad at me whenever I go out. The he urinates in the house." Dogs will not become angry with their owners and urinate in the house to get even. Or did you know that marking territory, not unlike submissive urination, is often mistaken for "accidents." Housebreaking and marking territory are not related. Marking territory is a behavioral problem solved with some good, solid obedience. These are just a few of the many topics I touch upon in this chapter on housebreaking. I also discuss housebreaking older dogs. And best of all, with my method of housebreaking you aren't standing outside more than five minutes before your dog will opt for relief.

The housebreaking chapter is quite lengthy, when compared to the other chapters, and very informative. I will send the e-mail promptly upon receipt of payment. Send cash or a money order along with your e-mail address to my address below. You should have the information on your computer two or three days after you mail the fee. For that small fee you will also receive customer support. I'm only an e-mail away. I answer all e-mail in the order in which it is received. Satisfaction is guaranteed or your money will be promptly refunded. It may very well be the best $25.00 investment you ever made.

Joe Orsino Jr.
2622 Leechburg Road
LowerBurrell, PA 15068

E-mail: Joe Orsino

Training is achieved through the miraculous grace of God. God bless you and your dog too.

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